Facebook Sales Events

The most cost effective way to fill your showroom.
Real people setting real appointments

Our Process


We create a Facebook Event page for your company. We reach 100,000-500,000 unique potential customers a week with the most exciting, engaging and converting social media ad content in the industry.


Yield approximately 300 leads. Some of our ads will generate as many as 1,000-1,500 leads in a week for you. We have a team of professionals that work Facebook Messenger from 9AM to 11PM every day! Their goal is set appointments  and get customers into your store.


Customers will arrive.  You will determine how successful your event will be by managing the arrivals. Our job is to get the customers to you. Your job is to turn those appointments into sales.  Get 40-50 extra customers through the door every week to buy. Advertising special events on Facebook works.

What's Included

Custom Facebook Sales Event (Setup, maintain, & manage)

BDC Appointment Setting

Instant Lead Engagement

AD Boosts to Engage More Leads

Creative Strategy & Content Marketing

Calendar/Dashboard With Appointment Overview

Our Results

People Reacehd
Gross Profit

Case Studies

Our Clients

Sales Event Packages

Level 1

  • Reach 75 - 100K Unique Locals
  • Receive 200 - 250 Leads
  • Set 80 - 100 Estimated Appointments

Level 2

  • Reach 100 - 150K Unique Locals
  • Receive 250 - 300 Leads
  • Set 100 - 150 Estimated Appointments

Level 3

  • Reach 250K Unique Locals
  • Receive 450 - 550 Leads
  • Set 150+ Estimated Appointments